Our approach

First Domino Pediatric Behavioral Therapy is a division of Operant Architects, LLC, a company dedicated to the dissemination of quality behavioral services for persons of various disabilities, race, and socio-economic backgrounds. 

We believe that the most important people in the child's life are the family. As a result, our guiding purpose is to empower the family to create an environment of success for their loved ones to develop into independent and successful individuals. 

Who we serve

We serve multiple populations of children with various developmental, genetic, and physical disabilities including, but not limited to:

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder

  • Down Syndrome 

  • Prader-Willi

  • Angelman Syndrome

What we do

By providing brief but intensive parent and caregiver trainings, as well as individual therapy, you will learn how to best increase the behaviors you want to see in your child while decreasing those behaviors that interfere with learning and development. Goals may include:

  • following directions from a variety of adults

  • tolerating not getting they want right away

  • paying attention to when others speak

  • promoting independence in academic and daily living skills

  • increasing appropriate communication skills

Meet Our Team

Clinical Director
Research Director
Anne Catrone
Administrative Director

325 N. Wells St. Chicago, IL 60654

Tel: 708-232-8846