Discovering Appropriate Goals 

Functional Behavioral Assessment (FBA) 

Discovering exactly why your child is behaving the way they are then creating a plan to help decrease inappropriate behaviors while increasing appropriate behaviors.

  • 3 Hours Total

    • Clinical Interview and Observation (1 hour)

    • Direct Assessment (1 Hour)

    • Feedback on Findings of Assessment (1 hour)

Skills Assessments​

Seeing what your child's current skills are and where to focus on first. â€‹

  • Foundational Learning Skills (imitation, matching, etc.)

  • Social Communication (answering questions, holding conversation, etc.)

  • Verbal Comprehension (understanding directions, etc.)

  • Verbal Reasoning (problem solving, math skills, writing skills, etc.)

  • 3 Hours Total

    • Clinical Interview (1 hour)

    • Direct Assessment (1 hour 30 minutes)

    • Feedback (30 minutes)

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