Empowering Parents

Our parent training program includes:

  • 6 weeks of group parent training either individually or with a small group of 4 or less

  • During each of these once a week, 2 hour sessions you will learn the basic principles of behavior analysis and how you can use these evidence-based tools with your child.

  • We will also be addressing what your goals are for your child, how these relate to your overall personal and parental life values, and what behaviors may be getting in the way of progress. 

  • After the 6 weeks, we will follow up with you on how the skills learned in session are being used at home and whether you would like individual behavioral services. 

Parent Training goals:

  • Identify parental values and how to create achievable goals to apply when helping your child. 

  • Learning basic behavioral principles you can use everyday at home. 

  • Picking 1-3 problem behaviors you would like to decrease.

  • Learning how to teach appropriate replacement behaviors for the identified problem behaviors.

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