Private Pay Benefits

At First Domino, we believe that therapy should not be hindered by what an insurance company is willing to pay for.  Some benefits of private pay include:

  • ensures a better client-therapist match where you can decide who is best for your child based on the rapport a therapist has with them

  • allows for highly educated individuals (studying for or completed their masters or doctorate degrees)

  • gives you options to apply for memberships that are often cheaper than the deductible you pay for insurance

  • provides us with the ability to address children with all types of behavior concerns, not just one or two diagnoses

  • allows for the best individual therapeutic services without being limited by the amount of time needed to complete the service

  • opens the doors for more direct parent training and groups

  • keeps your information private from large companies so that you control your child's sensitive health information

  • gives us the opportunity to work with other companies while focusing specifically on the pinpointed needs of your child

  • gives you the opportunity to receive services for your child without being constrained by whether or not your insurance policy covers high-quality services 

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